• Posture is Critical!

    The set-up is our foundation. A weak foundation will not provide the consistency we all desire.

    The golf swing is about balance. Good posture is essential to creating that balance. Ensure that you get green checkmarks with these posture key points! Whether on the tee or the putting surface, you should be laser-focused on establishing correct and consistent posture each time you address the ball.

    Posture is a big culprit of inconsistency on the golf course, tee to green.

 Women in particular struggle with establishing and maintaining their posture. 

    A common tendency is bending from the waist, which can produce too little or too much knee flex. And watch your width of stance. Oftentimes, I see a stance that is too narrow with a driver in hand.

I am ALWAYS working on posture with my Golf pro. I also work in front of the mirror at home, reinforcing what we worked on during our lesson. This is an effective way to achieve better posture and better, more consistent swings and I am all for that!