• The Big Golf Show: The PGA Merchandise Show

    I am heading to the PGA Show in Orlando the end of this month and will be on the hunt for great products all with a focus to improve your game. I will continually be adding these finds and more to the Miss Par Shop! The Shop will focus on all sorts of golf accessories, sun gear, tools for improvement such as tech golf gear, books and training aids, and lots more. For great fashion wears, visit golf4her.com and shop.shishiputter.com!

    I have been attending this show since 2007, and look forward to it every year. It is a great way to kick-off a new year. The Show is all about energy flow and this show is flowing with super-high energy. It is a hustle, bustle and hob-nob explosion of energy with everyone in the golf industry. My cherished memories are with the Booklegger family. Booklegger has always been a great support and a pivotal factor in getting my books into so many women's hands. They hosted book signings, which were such a great opportunity to meet amazing folks who are truly passionate about growing the game, especially for us girls! And Christina Kim...what can I say…she is AWESOME, so full of life, energy and smiles. I really enyoyed meeting her and she dug my Pink book...WooHoo!