• April Lesson and March Quiz Answer!

    The grip is not shown enough love and attention from you girls. I see lots of mis-matched grips, weak, strong and in between. A grip that is not neutral, which is recommended by most all Pros, will make it easiest to return the club back to square through impact. A WEAK grip will send your ball RIGHT. It produces an open face at impact. A STRONG grip will send your ball LEFT. So if you tend to duck hook your ball into the rough, your grip may be the culprit. And a mis-matched grip, where the Vs created by your thumb and index finger point to opposite shoulders…oh my, is a super no-no. You'll not enjoy the erratic shots that result from this mis-match. Instead, let's show you an easy-peasy method to establish a solid grip in this month's lesson!

    This is also the March Quiz answer…how handy.