• Play Miss Par's June Contests!

    That's right, Miss Par is presenting two contests for the month of June. Our focus is on the green…a spot where we lose a lotta-lotta strokes!

    Putting represents almost half of all our strokes during a round, yet we spend maybe a quarter or less perfecting our putting.

    Take time to perfect your putting. It is the one area of the game that can drop your scores fast. Begin with a strong focus on a solid set-up followed by a consistent execution, which means minimal excessive movement. Segue into mastering green reads, so that you can build a library of confidence. Confidence sinks more putts!

    To get the ball rolling in, more often, it is important to understand factors that affect that roll. Play this Month's Fact or Fiction for a chance to win the Triangulator, a putting aid that will aid in your alignment on the green!

    June Contest No. 1

    Select the statements that are fact and email to cricci@misspar.com

    A. The first 3 feet of the putt are the most important!

    B. My ball hit her ball, then her ball hit the flag. She gets the penalty not me, phew.

    C. Hey, that wind affected my roll!

    D. It's straight up to the apex, then it will break toward the hole.

    Bonus Contest No. 2: Play to win a FREE download of Yellow Series No. 6!

    In this Digital iPad edition, I cover in-depth On the Green Management, extensive Set-up and Execution lessons + a special BAD PUTT FIXES section. This Series could put a serious dent in that handicap of yours and quite possibly make putting the best part of your game!

    Three winners will be drawn! Play the June Bonus Contest now »