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    Three winners will be drawn for this June Bonus Contest.

    Something scary is coming after Christina's SeeMore Putter!

    Email the TWO answers to cricci@misspar.com.
    Three winners will be drawn to win a free download of Yellow iPad Digital Series No. 6.

    Yellow DIgital iPad Edition No. 6We kick-off this Series with a very special never-seen-before new section of Around the Green; creativity. We’ll ditch the same ol’ and get creative together! From there we head on to the green to putt. Putting represents almost half of all our strokes during a round, yet we spend maybe a quarter or less perfecting our putting. Let’s perfect it in this Series, including a BAD PUTT FIXES section. We close off this Series, as we do in all 6, with an awesome new section: Before & Afters with Real Women!

    You can find the Entire iPad digital collection in the iTunes store or:
    Learn more about the Golf Survival Guide iPad Digital Collection!

    Why I love my SeeMore Carbon Milled Putter

    The most important factors of the putting stroke are alignment and speed. If one of these are off, you'll most likely miss the putt. The SeeMore putters have an innovative alignment system: two white lines and a red dot, that make the alignment process a breeze.

    Learn lots more about the effectiveness of the SeeMore system by the Founder of SeeMore, Jason Pouliot. I met him at the PGA Show in Orlando, Florida and learned a lot about the purpose of the 2 whites lines and red dot that are embedded on each and every SeeMore Putter. WATCH NOW

    The late Payne Stewart used a SeeMore, as well as Zach Johnson, who won the Masters.

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