• Meet My Good Friend Larry

    Meet Larry Carlino…my dear friend and quite the golfer. Larry used to work at Alf's Golf shop in Miami Beach. I met him shopping for my second set of golf clubs and we've been friends ever since. He taught me much about the game in my early days.

    I even joined him and his brothers on a golf extravaganza to Ireland! What an experience that was. It was like golf boot camp with torrential rain and winds up to 50-MPH! I asked Larry, " Are we actually going out there to play today?" His casual response, "That's why we're here. Get geared up!"

    Playing in such severe weather is actually good for your game. It makes you focus…I mean REALLY focus, such as determining how far right you have to aim to get your ball anywhere near the green! Putting on the green was a challenge too. The wind was wreaking havoc on my ball…and trying to take a stable stance was like trying to NOT get your grips wet…forget about it! The good news…I came home a better golfer and it was a trip of a lifetime.

    In this video, we play a Par 3, chat about our new SeeMore putters and why we love them + one of us gets a tweet-tweet!

    In fact, I am reading a wonderful book right now by a very talented women, Taba Dale. A passionate golfer who splits her time between Arizona and Ireland, two golf meccas! Lucky Taba.

    Summer in Ireland by Taba Dale 
    Summer in Ireland is a whimsical and magical travelogue of Taba Dale's Irish sojourn. She is a passionate golfer and traveler. She has a deep affinity for the emerald fairways of Ireland and Summer In Ireland is her voice. The read is a unique journal style that I am thoroughly enjoying. It's the perfect beach read for those that have always wanted to experience golf and learn the unique nuances of life in the Emerald Isle. Buy your signed copy now on Miss Par!

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    Why Larry and I love our new SeeMore Carbon Milled Putters

    The most important factors of the putting stroke are alignment and speed. If one of these are off, you'll most likely miss the putt. The SeeMore putters have an innovative alignment system: two white lines and a red dot, that make the alignment process a breeze.

    Learn lots more about the effectiveness of the SeeMore system by the Founder of SeeMore, Jason Pouliot. I met him at the PGA Show in Orlando, Florida and learned a lot about the purpose of the 2 whites lines and red dot that are embedded on each and every SeeMore Putter. WATCH NOW »

    The late Payne Stewart used a SeeMore, as well as Zach Johnson, who won the Masters.

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