• Miss Par July Contest!

    Object of the Game

    Hit the ball up and far!

    Yes, the real object of the game of golf is to get your ball in the hole. We all know that...but...to do this effectively, we need to be able to hit the ball well.

    Many women struggle with getting the ball airborne plus a splash of A-B-C-D: Wrist Hinge, Shoulder Turn, Clubhead Speed and Leg Drive.

    All these elements work in concert to help us get the ball airborne and to our desired destination. In this Month's Quiz, tell me which one of these points is THE KING to send that ball up and far down the fairway?

    Quiz Question: Above all else, what will make the golf ball travel farther?

    A. Max Wrist Hinge

    B. Max  Shoulder Turn

    C. Max Clubhead Speed

    D. Max Leg Drive

    Good Luck everyone!

    Email answers to cricci@misspar.com

    Prize to be announced. I am exploring some new exciting training aids that will improve your game tee to green! Stay tuned throughout the month!