• Dreams, Goals & Golf

    One of my personal goals is to play more tournament events. I played 54 holes of tournament this week of July 14th,  which is more than I have done in over 6 years! At my level, I judge my game based on how well I play under pressure. To achieve success, you must commit to the execution of achieving that success. I read a great quote that says it best.

    Some people dream of success…while others wake up and work hard at it.

    This is common sense, but not many put this plan into action to achieve their desired goals and dreams. Understanding this already, I have been working really hard preparing for this week: Working consistently with my Pro, practicing on the range and at home, and mentally visualization success on the course.

    I am thrilled that I am moving toward better play under pressure! I played 36 holes in one day, the PGA Playing Ability Test...grueling pressure with the stakes as high as the mountains surrounding this beautiful Mt Washington Resort Golf Course. I passed the LPGA playing ability test allowing me to move forward to obtain my LPGA Teaching status! An exciting accomplishment! I missed the PGA pass requirements by 1 shot, which would have allowed me to move forward to become a PGA member. Point to take with you: EVERY SHOT COUNTS!

    A day later was the next 18 hole tournament event. I had the pleasure of being invited to participate in a wonderful member/guest hosted by Wentworth By the Sea Country Club. The format was fantastic! We got to play our own ball tee to green. The Committee got creative with the Best Ball Format gross/net scoring, which made for an exciting day. And, I shot my best round of the season…WooHoo!

    What I also learned this week, while playing, are my continued weaknesses. Tournament play reveals your strengths and weaknesses. I took notes of these weak areas and will tackle these head on, forging ahead to keep on track to become a better player. For me, more pars is more fun. The only way to achieve this... is get to it. It is important to note that I enjoy working on my game This may not be your cup of tea. We are all unique and play this game for our own personal reasons, which is why you should ask yourself why you play. Knowing why you play, will help you establish the best goals for your game.

    Why do you play golf?

    The game of golf is a humbling sport and challenges your spirit and tenacity to the core. When you achieve milestones, the game rewards you. Set goals for your game, however small or big, and work hard to achieve these goals. If time is a factor, establish small goals that are achievable so that you can reach these goals and get rewarded. The rewards will extend beyond the tee boxes and beyond the greens, I assure you.

    I would love to hear your personal stories of goal achievement. Please email cricci@misspar.com. Share to inspire others! For me, that is what this game is all about. Let's share in the rewards that we achieve… together!