• Celebrate Golf and Your Business

    I was honored to attend the Go for the Greens conference at the beautiful Disney Boardwalk in Orlando, Florida. Already in its 7th year, Go for the Greens has successfully connected hundreds of women business owners with opportunities to grow.

    Its core message of Innovate. Collaborate. Celebrate. is designed to get women to stop and think about their good fortune, get creative and brainstorm collectively to make our world a better experience. We celebrated this at the "Happiest Place on Earth," Walt Disney World!

    And celebrate we did, with nearly double the attendance levels of last year, Go for the Greens is pure magic with its unique matchmaking procurement format designed to provide women business owners an opportunity to connect with corporations and government agencies...all in a personalized setting.

    The two-day event was jam-packed with educational seminars, workshops, networking… and yep...golf! Go for the Greens, as indicated by its name, GETS that golf is good for your business. Saturday was dedicated to golf with 2 groups: An 18-hole round on the stunning Disney Course with a special pre-round clinic / 9-hole format for those newer to the game. Once on the course, newbies are paired with experienced golfers — those who are patient and willing to teach. In addition, newer golfers are also allowed to drive their ball from a spot on the fairway about 150 yards out from the green — rather than the tee box. A great format that kept groups moving and having fun!
    The day before, Friday, I was invited to collaborate on stage with a group of amazing women sharing their personal inspiration to an engaged audience. The topic:

    Stepping Up Your Game: How Mixing Business and Sports Can Change Your Life
    Sports have a way of bringing people together like nothing else in life. Whether you’re cheering for your favorite team or comparing notes about accomplishing your personal best, you’re connecting with people on a personal level that makes you develop bonds of trust. This can naturally lead to a willingness to do business together. Men have lived this philosophy for years, and savvy women have, too. Learn from a team of accomplished athletes how sports helped shape their lives, careers and business ventures, and what you can do to incorporate sports into your business.

    Captions Above from Left to Right:

    Teri Griege is a competitive triathlete, marathoner and Ironman who shares her amazing story as she continues to battle Stage IV Colon Cancer.. Get inpired by reading her book Powered By Hope. I was in awe at Teri’s amazing spirit. Celebrate Life through the inspiration of Teri Greige's ongoing personal triumph!

    Sally Dee, Founder of Playbook Public Relations, Tampa, Florida. She began her career as a Pro Golfer playing on the Asian, Futures and LPGA Tours acting as her own agent and securing top-notch endorsements. She was a contestant on the Golf Channel’s Big Break X and now owns her own company, utilizing her talents from the golf world. Now, that’s impressive!

    Beth Gitlin is Director of the Women’s Business Center at Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida, a Dragon Boat enthusiast, a former lieutenant in the U.S. Army Signal Corps and a cancer survivor…an amazing woman!

    Pam Swensen is the face of the EWGA: Executive Women’s Golf Association. If you are not a member of this amazing organization for women that provides opportunities to learn, connect and play the wonderful  game of golf… what are you waiting for? Join Now!

    Melinda West personally invited me to join this amazing panel. She is Founding Partner and President of The Hiring Company in Ft. Lauderdale. She is a 1-handicap golfer, to boot! What’s even more impressive is her tenacity and spirit to survive Stage 4 cancer! Melinda is living proof  that we can beat cancer!

    Romaine Seguin our Moderator and President of UPS Americas Region. She is a golfer and inspiration to women, climbing  the corporate ladder of one of the largest companies in the world. Through her leadership, UPS Europe doubled their export volume. In fact, she was an integral player during April 2010's Icelandic volcanic eruption crisis, shutting down global airways. She is proof that women can do it!

    Go for the Greens
    About Go for the Greens

    Go for the Greens is a business development conference for women entrepreneurs. This boutique event offers exclusive access to companies, government agencies, nonprofits and professional associations that can help women-owned businesses secure their largest, most profitable contracts ever … in a fun, creative setting at Disney’s BoardWalk Resort, Orlando, Florida.

    Co-Founder and passionate golfers, include Cindy Chace and Diane Sears.

    From the beginning, Chace explained, the founders worked closely with their supplier diversity team to create a women-friendly environment. She also noted that men are not excluded. “We wanted a balance of education and networking,” Chace said. “We focused on three pillars to teach women: 1. how to increase their revenues through seminars and workshops; 2. ways to incorporate green practices and sustainability; and 3. networking skills through golf.” Last year’s event drew nearly 250 attendees, including 72 golfers, who came from all across the U.S., Canada and even Nicaragua, demonstrating that the easy access from most major gateway cities to Orlando is a definite plus.

    Learn more about Go for the Greens!