• Miss Par October Winner Revealed!

    Thanks everyone for playing the October Quiz Contest!

    PGA Pro Marc Spencer and I presented a challenging question for the October Quiz of the month and we received wonderful answers from all of you. The Question: What is the perfect swing? Learn the answer and winner of a Daphane Headcover of your choice.

    Thank you for your thoughtful answers. I can see that you are passionate about the game.

    Here are some highlights.

     - The perfect swing is the one that delivers the ball to the intended target. Sent in by Heide

     - The perfect golf swing is the one that feels right to you, and gets the ball at least close to where you want it to go. It doesn't have to be pretty (although it's nice if it is), as long as it's your authentic swing and it makes you feel confident on the course. Sent in by Lissa

     - one that WORKS! Sent in by Jan

    - The perfect swing is:  walking up to the ball taking a deep breath taking in all your surroundings your mind, body and eyes are focused you hit the ball in sweet spot and you hear the sweet sound of ping!!! Your body feels so relaxed. You did it you landed on the green!!! Yes!!! - Sent in by Annie

    - A perfect golf swing is the graceful synthesis of balance and rhythm which allows for the seemingly effortless transfer of power and energy from the player to the club head to the ball. - Sent in by Paulette

    -The perfect swing is the swing that best motivates me to continue to enjoy the game. - Sent in by Theresa

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