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    Meet Christina Ricci,

    Golf Survival Guides Author

    It all began…

    In the year 2000, my mom's perpetual fiancé, Richard, introduced my mother and I to the game with a series of five lessons. Five years later, I was a five handicap and authoring a book about my journey.

    Crazy what passion does.

    Why I Did it!

    When I was learning the game, there was minimal on the bookshelf for the visual learner; lots of text heavy coffee table style books not suitable to bring to the course. So, sometimes I’d bring golf magazines or cut-outs of drills to the course, but in the 90-degree heat these flimsy pieces of paper did not hold-up well. Plus, they were too big and just got gnarled in my bag. Next, I’d write a few tips down in a note pad. That didn’t fare well either. I am a visual learner and just text didn’t resonate. At the time I didn’t know it, but there was a gap that needed filling!

    My background is marketing, branding and graphics. I had my own design firm of one in the Miami area. I had a substantial client-base, enough to support my first home and pricey luxury car. As I became enamored with the game, I found myself spending my days on the golf course with my friend Shelly who also worked for himself. I realized after some time that my clients were beginning to notice. This was a pivotal point where I decided I needed to marry my two passions, golf and marketing.

    My Mom played a key role to which I dedicated the Pink book. It took her a while to get on board with Richard and me, but once she did, she was clocking 120 rounds a summer!  In many of those rounds, I'd help her and her friends with set-up and such out on the course. They improved and it made me feel really good to help them!

    How I Did It!

    I get asked all the time, "How the heck did you drop to a five so quickly?" The truth is, it's no secret: hard work, commitment, practice and lots and lots of professional golf instruction. In retrospect, I would have enjoyed having the Pink, Yellow and Green book in my bag because let's face it, most of our lesson time is spent on our long game.

    In fact, the Survival Guides are a great complement to your golf learning process. Bookmark lesson topics to keep you on track and keep principles fresh between lessons. Your Pro will appreciate it!

    I am very fortunate!

    I feel very fortunate and blessed. I was able to marry my two passions and carve out a unique niche that helps female golf enthusiasts worldwide. What more can a girl ask for! My latest book, the Yellow book is a dedication to all the women who are proud owners of the Pink and Green book.

    Your support, enthusiasm and letters of improved games touches my heart in a profound way and has certainly inspired me to create this colossal Digital Edition. My goal is to continue to invest in your game; to improve your journey toward more pars and more fun!

    Crazy what passion does.


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