GTA Traction Aid Travel Spikes

GTA Traction Aid Travel Spikes
  • $ 24.99
This is a cool product to keep on hand. It's is the perfect travel companion when you don't feel like lugging the golf shoes.

Due North® GTA - Golf Traction Aids deliver stability and traction for golfers of all ages and skill levels.  This versatile golf traction aid combines our aggressive ground-gripping Due North® Turf Talons™ spikes with an ultra-lightweight, easy to use traction body.  Made from a proprietary rubber compound, the traction body slips on easy and conforms to provide a secure fit with most types of footwear.  Available in two sizes that fit most juniors, women and men.

Whether you are just a beginner or a seasoned golfer on the go the Due North® GTA - Golf Traction Aids will give you traction and stability hole after hole, all season long.


  • Slip-on convenience with the grip of a classic golf shoe
  • Ultra-lightweight support and comfort with your favorite pair of athletic shoes
  • Webbed sole design and a specially designed toe provides a secure fit, while  allowing them to adapt to the shape of almost any style of shoe.
  • 6 replaceable Due North® Turf Talons™ spikes are integrated into a 
  • proprietary rubber tread design for improved traction.
  • Lightweight compact design makes these the perfect travel companion.
  • Unique design allows the product to stretch as your youngster grows.

I learn about the cool features and usages from this very nice gentleman during the PGA Show

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