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Putting Swords
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I love training aids that are easy, fun and provide instant feedback.

These Putting Swords are just that…easy to use and deliver instant feedback. One of my great finds from the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show. The Putting Swords are designed to train a square putter face and maintain that square face at impact for more putts in the hole, or in this case… on the sword.

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Putting Swords Facts:

  • The width of the Sword is calibrated with a margin of error so it mimics making putts of longer lengths.
  • A Golf Ball is 1.68".  The cup is 4.25".  The .5" on the bottom of the ball contacts the putting surface.
  • The Sword is the width of the ball.  When the ball goes off line .5" it falls off the Sword.
  • This margin of error combined with the length of the putt creates a direction angle the putt can roll off-line and still fall in the cup.
  • If the putt rolls off the end of the Sword then it will go in the cup from the distances marked.  

How It Works

Step 1 Find a straight putt and set the end of the Sword 12 inches from the cup (or wall if used indoors).
Step 2 Set a ball on the "3 foot" line (it is 12" from the end of the Sword).  Hit putts and roll them off the end of the Sword.  This is the equivalent of sinking a 3 foot putt.
Step 3 When you can successfully roll 5 consecutive putts, move back to the "6 foot" line and repeat.  Repeat from the end of the Sword and you are a Master.

Tour Average Drill

Tour players make 75% of 5' putts, and 50% of 8' putts.
Use the marks on the Sword to see if you can putt at Tour skill level.

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