WellPutt Training Matt

WellPutt Training Matt
  • WellPutt Training Matt
  • WellPutt Training Matt
  • $ 120.00

The innovative Welling Putt Mat was designed to be used both indoors and outdoors to sharpen the golfer’s feel, direction and alignment in putting, such an integral part of the game. This mat rolls at about a 10 on the stimp meter and no grain, both ways. There are many games to be played on this mat.


  • 2 play directions permitting back and forth movements and offering multiple exercises each with a different feel
  • 1 graphical representation of the hole to learn how to finish in the good putt zone ("Welling-Putt zone").
  • The "welling-putt zone" to groove speed
  • 1 "zebra" zone to learn how to avoid falling too short
  • 10 different "feel" zones
  • 54 exercises provided according to your game level over three 18 hole rounds (evaluation of level, confirmed, professional) in order to accompany your progress at your own rhythm.
  • 3 score card booklets when playing with friends, or to mark up your own progress chart

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